Get Ready to Run! Couch to Cubby Chase training program starts June 2017


Fluids Foods
30-60 minutes PRE run 8-16 oz water
  • Low fiber cereal with skim milk
  • Sports bar
  • Pretzels
  • Toast with jam
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Banana and a glass of low fat soy milk
  • ½ a plain bagel
2-4 hrs PRE Run 17-20 oz water
  • Cold or hot cereal with fruit and low fat or skim milk
  • Pancakes with syrup
  • Toast with jam or honey and low fat yogurt
  • English muffin or bagel with peanut butter,
  • Pasta with low fat marinara sauce and veggies
  • Turkey or grilled chicken sandwich and fruit
Post Workout 8-24 oz water
  • Low fat chocolate milk
  • PB & J sandwich
  • 2 oz Pretzels and 2 T peanut butter
  • String cheese and an apple
  • 1 cup low fat yogurt


These are suggestions.  We all react differently to what we eat; you may have to experiment a little at first to see what digests best for you.  This list is not exclusive, it is just an example.  Foods should be easy to digest- low to moderate in fiber, low fat, avoid nuts and seeds.  So stay away from fried foods and full fat dairy products and whole grains prior to exercise.



  1. Cheryl Durkin says:

    how do I obtain information on the training program? I would like to join in that.

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