Here they are, the 2013 Cubby Chase Results!

2013′s 5K top-finishers:

Male: Brian Dinan, age 21, Geneva NY, 16:39
Female: Leann Young, age 29, 20:09

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2013′s 10K top-finishers:

Male: Ben Feidner, age 29, Geneva NY, 35:35
Female: Kristina Maletz, age 30, Himrod NY, 38:37

Click here to find the all the 2013 10K finishers by age group


  1. Merle Walton says:

    Loved the run this year! It was the first 5k I have ever participated in and it has set the tone for my participation in 5k’s. I can’t begin to thank all of the volunteers that set this event up. As an employee of one of the sponsors I was happy to be able to participate and bring back to the company stories of the people I met working and running the race.

    I will be sure to be back in 2014 to run I can’t wait to come back to Geneva even though it’s quite a trip from Batavia.

    Thank you again.


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