Best face paints

Face painting is great fun for children and adults. Manufacturers offer ready-made water-based paints and pencils for painting leather.

It is convenient to apply the drawing on the face with make-up pencils. They can quickly fill the background, make patterns and paint children. However, making thin lines with a thick rod will not be easy.


Aqua-color “Body Art”

Aqua-color pencils are based on natural coloring pigments and glycerin, which moisturizes the skin. You can draw with a rod, but it is more convenient to first apply the composition to a brush or sponge, and then make a pattern on the body.

Make-up is applied in a dense layer, dries quickly and does not stain clothes. It is convenient for them to dye not only skin, but also hair. The composition is washed off with water and soap or milk to remove makeup.

The screw feed of the rod is convenient – the ink rod is easily pulled out and hidden back. You can buy pencils individually or in packs of 6 colors. The line includes matte, glossy and metallic shades.


  • easy to wash off;
  • does not spoil clothes;
  • dries quickly on the skin;
  • many shades to choose from;
  • natural base.


  • dry quickly;
  • insufficient white color.

Aqua-color “Body-Art” based on natural dyes is suitable for children and adults prone to allergies. After use, the pencils must be tightly closed with a cap, otherwise the composition will dry out.

Best face paint makeup

Pumpkin face paint wax pencils from The Theatrical Cosmetics Factory are sold in packs of 6. A plastic container with a lid is responsible for their safety, in which it is convenient to store paint.

The composition is hypoallergenic and meets the requirements for children’s cosmetics. Makeup is allowed for children over 3 years old. Several masks are drawn on the package, which can be made with pencils (it is convenient for beginners to draw according to the presented template). The paint lays down evenly without streaks. The composition adheres to the skin well and does not spread.


  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • convenient storage container;
  • there are templates for application;
  • well applied and adhered to.


  • colors do not mix.

Makeup pencils from FTC are safe, therefore they are suitable for parents who want to paint children, or for novice makeup artists.

Children’s face painting Carnival from Alpino – eco-friendly decorative cosmetics for children. The pencils are made with herbal ingredients and water, do not cause allergies or skin irritation. The composition does not leave greasy stains, it can be easily washed from children’s clothes. Pencils are sold in a convenient cardboard box with a euro loop.

The make-up has a high hiding power. The colors mix well, stay on the skin for up to 24 hours. When applied neat, a glossy make-up is obtained. If the composition is moistened with water, the pattern becomes matte.

The paints are sold in sets of 6 different colored pencils. Also included is a cosmetic pencil for clear contours, glitter bags, several decals and a brush for easy application. The illustrated instructions reveal several secrets of successful creation of vivid images.


  • vegetable composition;
  • convenient packaging;
  • colors mix easily;
  • additional elements in the set to create different images.


  • washed off only with soap;
  • high price (90 $ per set).

The manufacturer’s assortment includes many sets of pencils of different shades – you can constantly replenish your collection with new shades.

The best paints for face painting

Face paint is sold ready-made in jars or compressed palettes that are diluted with water. They can be applied with a sponge, a fan-napkin or a brush with an unusual cut for non-standard designs. They are also convenient for creating a splash effect or drawing through a stencil.

What are the best face paints

Tag 12 is a professional face painting with a hypoallergenic composition. It lies gently on the skin, does not spread, does not crack. The colors of the paints do not fade and remain bright in any light.

The makeup is on sale in compressed palettes. The brush or sponge must first be moistened with water, and then paint on it. The paint is washed off the skin with plain water or wet wipes.

The paint box contains flat and round brushes for easy application. Make-up is consumed very economically. One palette is enough to paint over a person to the waist.


  • safe composition;
  • easy to apply and wash off;
  • brushes in the set;
  • bright colours;
  • low consumption.


  • expensive (about 2500 $).

To expand the color palette of face painting, you can buy additional shades for the Tag palette individually.


Face painting Superstar

Dutch face painting Superstar is safe for children of all ages. The brand’s lineup includes many matte and pearlescent shades. The paint is based on glycerin, which gives the composition a soft feel. It is easy to apply makeup even with a semi-dry brush or sponge. It lays down in a thin layer, does not roll and does not feel on the skin.

Sold in individual palettes or in sets of 12 colors. A plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid is handy. The paint is compacted tightly without cracks or other defects, soft to the touch, smells pleasant. The composition is easily activated and transferred to the skin. The colors are rich, suitable for creating backgrounds and fine lines.


  • easy to apply;
  • pleasant texture;
  • no age restrictions;
  • a large palette of saturated colors.


  • not particularly persistent, although the red pigment is not easily washed off;
  • high price (from 350 $ for 1 palette).

The paint lays down in a soft thin layer and requires additional fixation, otherwise the drawing will be slightly smeared.

Best face paints for sensitive skin

Professional makeup Fantasy Factory is a hypoallergenic face and body paints based on water and food colors. It is sold in sets of 6 or 8 pieces. The set includes detailed instructions with drawings-templates of masks on the face.

The composition is easy to apply and rinse off with warm water without cleaning agents. Using face painting is similar to working with watercolors, so the artist’s imagination is not limited by anything. Colors mix well, can be more or less saturated. The paint stays firmly on the skin, does not crumble.


  • does not cause allergies;
  • templates for masks in the instructions;
  • easy to apply and wash off;
  • you can change color saturation and mix shades.


  • easy to rub with your hands.

The composition is practically not absorbed into the skin. Due to this, it is well washed off, but it is easy to accidentally smear the pattern on the skin.

Best face paint on amazon

Glitter gives face painting a radiant effect and allows you to create even brighter images.

Glitter gel Party Monster Heavy Metal

Water-based glitter gel for face and body stays on the skin for 9 hours and then easily rinses off with water or any makeup remover. The composition dries almost instantly, does not roll or crack.

The gel is produced in hermetically sealed tubes of 30 g each. The collection contains 6 saturated colors. Super reflective sequins make the design shine and vibrant.


  • very persistent;
  • convenient packaging;
  • easy to wash off;
  • 6 different colors.


  • high price (150 $ per tube).

The gel can be used not only for large-scale drawings on the body, but also for creating a radiant make-up. It easily turns into eyeshadow or shiny eyeliner.

Alpino glitter stick

Glitter Stick – glitter makeup pencils. The applied makeup adheres well, does not stain hands or clothes. The hypoallergenic herbal formula is odorless and safe even after prolonged skin contact. This makeup can be left on the face for up to 24 hours. Pencils are sold in packs of 5 pieces. Colors can be mixed.

The composition is instantly washed off with water. The tube itself resembles lipstick: the dye rod goes out and twists back in the same way. A tight cap is put on top, which prevents the makeup from drying out. Keep your hands clean while drawing.


  • plastic case with a twisting mechanism;
  • not painted;
  • vegetable base;
  • can be worn for a long time without rinsing.


  • it is inconvenient to draw thin lines.

The Alpino Glitter Stick is very soft. It is impossible to draw thin lines with a thick tip – this requires a small brush.

Which face painting is better to buy

The first thing to do before buying face painting is to check its composition. It should not contain toxic components. It is better to choose hypoallergenic, natural-based options, especially if the paint is intended for children.

Makeup based on acrylic, gouache or watercolors is not recommended. It clogs pores, does not wash off well, and causes itching and irritation. But even the highest quality compound should not be worn all day. The optimal time is 3-4 hours during the holiday. Then it is recommended to wash off the paint.

It is better to apply the drawing with a natural brush with soft bristles, which will not scratch the skin.

The second important criterion is the color rendering of the face painting. You need to apply a small amount of paint to the skin and see if its brightness and shade are preserved. To create complex designs, colors must blend easily.

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