Face painting sales marketing

So you’re ready to go! You have all the necessary material, these are paints, brushes, spags, sparkles, stencils, rhinestones, an album with drawings. All this is packed in a beautiful handbag. First, decide on a pricing policy, for how much you are willing to work. There is no need to inflate prices, start your journey […]

Face painting secrets

Learn about what techniques are in painting on the face and body, what material is better to use, how to paint economically, how to keep old brushes, how to handle dried paints and renew them, and much more knitted with face painting. Face painting secrets for those who love to paint on the face and […]

What paint for face painting is better

Today we will consider an important topic that is often discussed between parents – this is children’s face painting. I have to hear the same question: where exactly to buy face painting and how to choose it correctly? In the article, we will consider how not to make a mistake when choosing a paint, while […]

Face drawings: how to choose and apply face paint

A great idea for a children’s party is a theme party. To make the images of the kids correspond to the idea, you can apply face painting. Careful attention should be paid to the choice of paints, because low-quality materials can cause allergies. Is face painting safe for a child? Face painting, or paint on […]

DIY face painting paints

You can change your appearance beyond recognition, you can add a festive image with a pattern on the body or face at home. Today, such a concept as face painting is very widespread. Aqua is water, make-up is a change in appearance by applying special paints. How to make face painting at home Face painting […]

What do face painting

Face painting translated from Latin means makeup with water (Latin aqua – water). This term refers to both the water-based fat-free makeup itself and the process during which such dyes are applied to the skin. What paints are used for face painting, and what brands that produce such dyes are represented in Russia, is described […]

How to make drawings on the face?

You don’t need artist skills or advanced makeup knowledge to do simple face art. How to paint on the face depends on the materials chosen. If these are pencils, crayons or markers, no additional accessories or preparatory steps are needed. You can find samples of face art on the Internet, and apply an image or […]

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