Face painting sales marketing


So you’re ready to go! You have all the necessary material, these are paints, brushes, spags, sparkles, stencils, rhinestones, an album with drawings. All this is packed in a beautiful handbag.

First, decide on a pricing policy, for how much you are willing to work. There is no need to inflate prices, start your journey from 1000 rubles per hour of work. Count how many children you can paint on average per hour. Ideally 10 people, each for 6 minutes, but maybe 8 people per hour, that’s YET. On average, a customer needs to make up from 5 to 15 people at an event. Such by ordering more.

It turns out that not an experienced master will have time to paint 15 people in 2 hours, this is 2000 rubles. Do not worry if you do not meet in 2 hours, because on birthdays, children migrate for a variety of entertainments that are timed and sometimes this migration does not depend on the master. And the customer is loyal, realizing that face painting cannot be drawn at once. Negotiate in advance all the features and wishes of the customer.

As for public events where make-up is required on the stream, most often on advertising, sports, and raus programs before performances, you need to paint there quickly. A very useful activity for the master’s experience. This is a test where quality versus quantity. But many masters manage not only to paint everyone, but also take a photo on the phone for their instagram. Fly for the holidays, because make-up is an attribute of festive events such as New Year, Birthday, Halloween, Children’s Day, September 1st.

Draw and photograph, good works. This is the material on which you will be selected for work in the future. Each face painting artist has his own groups on social networks, where works are invested with a proposal for cooperation.

  • There are many groups. Where customers post their ads. And, also, companies for the provision of personnel, where you can register and wait for an offer.
  • Remember, the main thing is to start. It takes a little time and effort for word of mouth to work and if you do a good job, then you will be called over and over again.
  • Many craftsmen find holiday agencies and send them their presentation.
  • But when you gain experience, you can raise the price for 2000 per hour.
  • Working out the speed and quality of work.
  • When you can consider yourself a professional in face painting.

In the process of your development, there will be many unsuccessful works. But don’t be upset. Each master has his own crown designs, which have been accumulated by experience. If you need to have time to draw in a certain time, a certain number of children, then your catalog of works will help you. Your portfolio should be composed of the artwork that you paint best, this saves time and gives you the opportunity to speed up your drawing. And if you have enough time, then you can get creative, coming up with new drawings. Proceed with perseverance, the child, if he is excited and very active, then offer a simpler drawing.

In short, the more you paint, the faster and better your work will be

With closed eyes, the child sits quietly, with open eyes, he spins, examining everything and everyone and cannot do anything with himself. In the process of drawing, for two minutes, he is motionless, but then he becomes bored and manipulations with his body begin. The model can chew, throw back or lower the head, move out of the chair. To maintain perseverance in a child, you need to constantly communicate with him. Personally, I ask questions related to the image that the child has chosen. For example, does he want sparkles, rhinestones, whom he drew last time, I give an assessment of how well he sits, probably by the fact that an adult, I complain to him about restless children, saying that he sits better than anyone else and does not spin, etc. .d. Therefore, the child, pondering on each question, is forgotten and sits quietly.

In a word, you need to try and in the end, after gaining experience, you will simply communicate with any age.

For very young children, you can draw something small on the pen, so that the child sees the process of creativity itself, and looks at the pen later, if, of course, he allows it to be done. On this occasion, a little secret, before drawing on a small lyalka, first of all, wait for the moment when the child is put on a high chair, or adults take it on their knees. If the kid sat down calmly, take a clean, wet brush and swipe over the area on which you are going to paint. At the same time, observe what the baby will do. If he goes into rejection and starts to get nervous, then nothing will work out for you. There is no need to torment the child, parents and yourself. Tell the adults what will work out next time, let the child grow up.

Children from 3 years old, tolerate perfectly, in anticipation of the magic seen in the mirror on their face. The main thing is that the person being painted, before starting to fulfill one important rule, close his eyes.

Face painting sales marketing
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