How to make drawings on the face?


You don’t need artist skills or advanced makeup knowledge to do simple face art. How to paint on the face depends on the materials chosen. If these are pencils, crayons or markers, no additional accessories or preparatory steps are needed. You can find samples of face art on the Internet, and apply an image or pattern on them, or give free rein to your imagination.

How to paint on the face with paints:

  • Stock up in advance with brushes of different diameters. Thin – for drawing outlines and ornate lines, thick – for filling or creating a background.
  • For different paint colors, it is better to take separate brushes or sponges.
  • Prepare a couple of glasses of clean water to periodically rinse the nap and moisten the product to activate.
  • You can correct the result with wet wipes or cotton pads.

Simple drawings on the face are obtained even by beginners who are not familiar with face art and do not have artistic skills. More complex patterns, with color transitions and many shades, good detail and clear lines take practice. To learn how to make high-quality and memorable face art, you need to devote a lot of time to this activity, try different sketches, and use only face painting on models.

Face drawings for children

Kids love to transform into their favorite animals, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. Face art for children is a great way to diversify an ordinary matinee or birthday party with an exciting game, put on a mini-performance and entertain the company. The creation of drawings should not take much time, it is better to choose simple images that can be easily and quickly applied to the face with face painting.

Face art for boys

The main ideological inspirer when choosing a drawing should be the child himself. Modern boys have many interests and hobbies – animals, sports, superheroes, dinosaurs and others. Children’s face art can be performed in any of these directions, you just need to ask the kid who he wants to see himself as. Some interesting ideas:

  • Tiger;
  • panda;
  • Captain America;
  • Spider-Man;
  • Count Dracula;
  • the Dragon;
  • clown;
  • Iron Man;
  • transformer;
  • robot;
  • dinosaur;
  • pirate;
  • Joker and others.

Face art for girls

Most young ladies always know in advance what kind of facial drawings they want. Girls are likewise fond of sports, the world of animals, watching cartoons and reading fairy tales. Suitable drawings on a child’s face:

  • Disney princess;
  • kitty;
  • butterfly;
  • floral patterns;
  • pony;
  • unicorns;
  • Fox;
  • Firebird;
  • Peppa Pig;
  • ladybug;
  • enchantress;
  • Maleficent and others.

Face drawings for adults

Face art is a great way to impress at a themed party, masquerade, or take a memorable photo shoot. The most popular are New Year’s face paintings and Halloween painting, but even everyday gatherings with friends over board games can be easily revived with the help of face painting. Many amateur and student theater companies also use it for performances. It is permissible to carry out adult drawings on the face using complex techniques. In photo shoots, sometimes the top layer of patterns is duplicated with gouache or acrylic.

Male face art

Guys love beautiful drawings on their faces, like girls, they just prefer to do them for whatever reason. Male models pose with face art at thematic photo shoots, actors and mimes regularly apply face painting for their productions, animators delight children with fabulous and cartoon images at the holidays. In everyday life, representatives of the stronger sex rarely paint, mainly for the sake of masquerades and parties. Scary Halloween facials are popular as part of an outfit, especially if there is a matching costume. Interesting options:

  • biomechanics;
  • vampire;
  • skeleton;
  • the hero of a horror movie (Freddy Krueger, the clown from It);
  • zombie;
  • pirate;
  • superhero Marvel or DC (Joker, Batman);
  • Indian;
  • animals (wolf, lion, tiger);
  • the hero from the movie Mad Max and others.

Female face art

Girls are more accustomed to applying makeup, therefore, they are always ready for artistic painting. A woman’s face drawing can also become an element of a thematic photo session, an image for a party or corporate event. Some brides even make wedding face art with delicate lace patterns made in light shades. On Halloween, it is fashionable to wear scary facial prints complete with matching outfits. Popular types of face art:

  • sugar man;
  • witch;
  • The Snow Queen;
  • scull;
  • doll;
  • Princess;
  • animals and birds;
  • abstraction;
  • Indian painting;
  • imitation 2D and others.
How to make drawings on the face?
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