The first steps of an aqua make-up artist. Secrets for face painting master


A face painting master is most often a talented girl who loves to draw and wants to make money on her work. After watching the videos of the master classes on YouTube, the future artist has a lot of questions about the organization of the workspace and many other points.

Where to start the path of a make-up artist?

At the very beginning, you need to understand what is in priority. I think this is the very skill of the makeup. During my work, I had the opportunity to meet with many artists with professional education, excellent drawing on canvases and who confidently declared that they could quickly learn to draw face painting. Unfortunately, such professionals do not succeed in making up very well and over time the desire to engage in this type of creativity disappears. Make-up has its own characteristics, unlike drawing on paper and canvas. A face painting master will need a lot of patience to depict what he has conceived on a spinning child, for example, while drawing makeup, the hand is suspended and there is practically no support for the hand. Over time, you can find support, but this requires a lot of training.

Let’s consider some of the complexities of the face painting:

  • the first thing you can face is the lack of support. This means the ability to draw, at least exactly
  • The second difficulty is working with paints that look like watercolors, but have a creamy structure. Here you need to clearly understand how much water you need to apply so that the drawing does not drip.
  • The third difficulty is the drawing itself, which cannot exist on the model’s face, as it were, by itself, but in fact should decorate and be organic, combining with age, preferences, eye color and clothing, with the theme of the event where the painted person is
  • The fourth is the speed at which the drawing is made. Draw for a long time and thoughtfully, you can at home on yourself or on a loved one who will sit patiently. A child at an event will not tolerate, and an event designed for a specific time history will not wait until you portray the beautiful. You need to draw quickly and efficiently!

How to overcome these difficulties. I will explain in this article

To begin with, let’s determine what you need to gain mastery in this type of craft.

  1. Ability to work with face and body paints, that is, with face painting and all auxiliary devices
  2. Ability to work with the models on which you paint. (features of communication with a live canvas)
  3. Development of the speed and quality of work
  4. Marketing of face painting sales

Choosing the right face painting and the ability to work with paints and all accessories.

50% of the success of his work depends on the quality of the material that the master uses.

Today there are a sufficient number of brands of face painting paints.

Each paint has its own pros and cons.

Just in case, I’ll start with those that can be purchased on the shelves of many stores, in the form of felt-tip pens for drawing on the face, pencils, paint palettes in cheap, thin plastic. If you have the urge to get these paints because it is cheap or because of the attractive picture on the package, replace this horrible copy of the makeup and never buy it. Not only can you not paint anything good with such paints, there is a danger of having skin problems.

Where to buy professional paints? Only in the specialist shop, where you will find a large selection of face painting brands and an assortment of different colors, are they certified and safe for the skin. Face painting brands that have been tested by many masters: Cameleon, Global, Mehron, Superstar, TAG. And, as a large amount, additional material, without which it is difficult to do.

What to be guided by when choosing paints, for an inexpensive and convenient start. If you are a beginner master, the following will suit you:

  1. “Starter Kit” which includes everything you need to get started. In such a set, 6-7 regular colors are most often present. 32 gr. in each, brushes, sponges, and sometimes splits, (special striped paints, for drawing in several colors at once)
  2. Another option, a palette, usually consisting of 6-12 colors, 10 grams each. colors in each

The palette will be cheaper, but you will have to buy extra brushes, sponges, rhinestones.

Do not buy a lot of everything at once, because the colors in the palette can be mixed, for which there is no shade. In a professional face painting there are many colors with an additional effect, mother of pearl, neon, shine, but this stage will result in a pretty penny. It is better to first learn how to work with classic colors. And then slowly acquire others.

A mannequin of the head is very convenient for drawing, on which you can work out any drawings, only taking into account that the paint does not fall on the plastic like on the skin. You can buy such a head at the Sadovod market for only 200 rubles.

When the necessary material is purchased, you can start drawing.

On what or on whom to draw?

Start with your own hand or with the hand of a friend, this is the only way you can understand how to apply face painting correctly.

To help there will be lessons of a master class on face painting on YouTube. Train on a dummy. And if you have a live model at home, then this is the best way to practice the skill. True, the model must be patient.

What to look for when learning to draw face painting.

  • The amount of water on the brush, sponge, for the correct set of paint
  • Brush types, flat, round, oblique for a variety of strokes
  • Practicing brush pressure for beautiful strokes
  • Features of the coating, layers and their drying
  • Find hand support when painting on the face
  • Types of drawings, their features, depending on popularity, to create albums with your drawings
  • Ability to combine colors
  • Ability to create composition, arrangement of artistic elements on the face
  • Use of glitters, application methods, types of gloss
  • The use of rhinestones in the picture

Nothing happens right away. At first, it will seem to you that what you have drawn is not beautiful. Such experiences are experienced by many masters, even those who have been drawing for a long time and a lot. There is no limit to perfection in this art form. Only when the hand is able to adopt the basic drawing technique and gain experience will masterpieces begin to turn out.

In the process of drawing, you need to photograph your work, it will be useful to track your growth and to create your portfolio in which you will sell your work.

Ability to work with the models on which you paint. Features of communication with a live canvas.

Children just love to paint with face painting. Not one entertainment event is complete without makeup. And most often the workplace of the face painting artist is covered with enthusiastic girls who can wait for hours for their turn to paint. Face painting for children is an expression of their individuality, which begins with the choice of a drawing from the master’s album. Someone asks to apply more sparkles and rhinestones in order to shine more and stand out, some colors are brighter, and some vice versa.

Face painting does not lose its popularity, because it solves many problems relevant to the child. One of which is socialization and live communication with peers, in the process of choosing drawings and further live communication on a theme that unites children. Also face painting, this is psychotherapy, which has a beneficial effect on the communication of adults with a child, close adults, mom and dad, because during all the time of transformation with the help of face painting, enthusiastic assessments of parents sound, who choose, comment, take pictures of their child, then share photo with relatives and friends. The child receives a lot of positive attention, which is most often deprived of, due to the busyness of adults in everyday life.

Many children are familiar with the process of applying face painting, thanks to their not small experience of coloring at the holidays. Sitting on a chair in front of the artist, they prepare to be patient and understand that it is important to sit upright. But even experienced models, not always assiduous, which is understandable, because the character, age, upbringing, emotions can be different at the time of drawing on the face, and there are those who are trying to paint for the first time – it is more difficult with them.

The first thing that affects the immobility of the child while applying face painting is age.

How old can you try your first make-up?

You can draw face painting from the age of 3. It is possible and less, but most often this process is initiated by adults, and the baby, apart from unpleasant sensations, will not receive anything from the makeup, and feeling the paint on his face, he will want to get rid of it and all your work will be smeared.

The first steps of an aqua make-up artist. Secrets for face painting master
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