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Face painting translated from Latin means makeup with water (Latin aqua – water). This term refers to both the water-based fat-free makeup itself and the process during which such dyes are applied to the skin.

What paints are used for face painting, and what brands that produce such dyes are represented in Russia, is described in detail in this material.


Face painting is produced both in liquid consistency and dry, pressed into tablets. The liquid dye is ready to use; dry paint is diluted with water in the same way as artistic watercolors.

Face painting is hypoallergenic, has an excellent covering characteristic, that is, it lays on the skin evenly, does not require fixing with powder, does not flow under the influence of heat from lighting devices, contains special moisturizing components, dries quickly and almost does not smear, unlike oily makeup, does not give as shine as greasy make-up. When applied, brushes or sponges are used.

Before painting on the skin, prepare everything you need: even the best face painting dries very quickly, the artist cannot be interrupted while working with it, otherwise part of the painting will already dry up, and everything else will be still damp.

In this case, it will be difficult to achieve the desired color combinations, since when the paint dries, the shade slightly changes. When working with such dyes, you should always start with lighter colors, gradually moving to darker ones.

At the same time, face painting makes it possible to obtain any desired shade due to its characteristics and the homogeneous structure of masses of different colors. Water-based paints are available in a wide variety of vibrant colors and shades, including metallic, gold, silver, bronze.

Fixed with a special fixator, face painting stays on the skin for a long time, it can be used when working in an aquatic environment, it is easily washed off.

When choosing how to make face painting, do not forget that water-based karski can be of varying degrees of fat content. Moreover, the higher the fat content, the richer, brighter the color and the less the face painting dries up, which means it is easier to lubricate.

The quality of face painting also depends on its color, the most problematic is white, especially if it is applied over large areas. White face painting lays down with stains, unevenly, you need to work with it very carefully, carefully choosing the consistency and pressure on the brush.

It is easiest to work with black paint. There is also the possibility of the paint pigment absorbing into the leather (when the paint is not washed off the first time, even with soap). Blue and turquoise (sometimes orange) shades of face painting are strongly absorbed. It is necessary to keep this in mind and pre-prime the skin with a tonal agent or a special base.

Before doing face painting, the artist must carefully study the paint and cosmetics with which he is going to work. New products must be tested – it is determined how the paint covers the skin, dries up, does not crumble, what kind of reaction it causes on the skin, how easily it rinses off.


The consistency of the face painting is very important for working with a brush. If the paint is strongly diluted with water, it will spread or lay down streaks.

What paints do face painting by consistency:

  • Pressed (wet make up, cake) in pallets of several colors or in individual packages of different sizes
  • Creamy (creamy, cream) in tube packages
  • Liquid (liquid make up) in bottle packaging
  • Liquid for airbrush (airbrush, air make up)

Creamy face painting is convenient for large-scale use – professionals prefer to buy it, since the tubes are quite voluminous, and even when diluted with water, this volume increases significantly.

Liquid face painting is usually ready to use, it only needs to be shaken vigorously.

Some brands have a division of the line into separate products for the airbrush (glanders use with airbrush).

Top brands

Face painting of which brands presented in Russia is considered the best:

  • KRYOLAN (Germany). The world famous German company producing a wide range of professional cosmetics and make-up for body art, make-up, special effects, theatrical make-up. Especially popular with professionals are pressed face painting in round packaging (from 8 to 100 g) and creamy in 50 ml tubes, which can be diluted for airbrush, except for metallics. Metal palettes with replaceable blocks are convenient – you can buy a ready-made palette with a set of colors or an empty one and choose the necessary shades yourself (pure, metallic, pearlescent, satin, fluorescent, etc.).
  • Make Up ATELIER (France). In addition to excellent decorative cosmetics, make-up and special effects for cinema, Make Up ATELIER produces unique face painting in bright, saturated colors. It is more plastic than many others, it is well applied, holds well and is easily washed off. The line includes both pressed and creamy face painting of different volumes and shades (bright, pastel, metallic, satin).
  • MEHRON (USA). Face painting of this brand has good covering power and durability. Especially good quality liquid face painting (11 primary colors, 2 metallic and flesh colors), which is also suitable for airbrush. There is pressed face painting in 32 colors, but some shades have a relative dimness.
  • Make Up For Ever (France). An excellent French brand, presented both in liquid face painting (Aquarelles) in small 10 ml tubes, and in pressed and creamy face painting in packages of different sizes. Unfortunately, the products of this brand are not widely represented in Russia and are expensive. There are relatively few colors, mostly bright basic shades (white, black, red, shades of blue and green, fuchsia, pink, yellow, orange, purple).
  • Fardel (Italy). The products of this brand have a wide selection of volumes, colors and types of face painting. The line includes creamy, liquid and pressed paints, as well as airbrush paints, various powders and glitters, a rich palette in which you can find pure colors, metallics, fluorescent, flesh, pearlescent and pastel shades.
  • TEMPTU-pro (USA) is a famous American brand of paints for air make-up and air-face art. The line includes water, silicone and even alcohol based pigments for different purposes. TEMPTU-pro inks are especially good for face art or small stencil drawings. The unique alcohol-based paint stays on the skin for several days and does not suffer from water. Also popular are pigments for air make-up.
What do face painting
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